Regardless of my initial reluctance, ExamIQ has greatly benefited my academic achievement. Having taken the course for both SHSAT and SAT, I can honestly say that it improved not only the score on my exam but also my academics in school. The course, albeit rigorous, allowed me to raise my composite score by over 300 points. My final score was 2200 with a 700 on Math, 740 on Reading, 760 on Writing, and 11 out of 12 on the essay. ExamIQ also ameliorated my AP English essays and provided for the burgeoning of my vocabulary. I am extremely indebted to Viktoriya, who motivated me to continue to better myself in my studies and who indelibly expanded the horizons of my knowledge.

​Hey Viktoriya!!
I'm pretty sure you do not remember me. My sister, Jodi and I took your SAT class in the summer of 2013. It honestly ruined my whole summer with your intense class. I went into junior year of high school not even stressed with my Physics and Trig class work, but with your SAT work. Looking back now, I am grateful for your class. To be honest, I hated you so much for your intense training but loved you because of what you've taught me. I took my SATs, didn't do the best because I honestly slacked off so much after I stopped taking your classes, but I am going to college! I was accepted into many  colleges including University of New Haven, Boston University, and St. John's University and I will be attending SUNY Maritime for the fall semester for 2015! I am also applying for the 4 year scholarship at Maritime College and hopefully, I will be awarded the scholarship. Upon graduation, I will be commissioned into the United States Coast Guard and serve active duty, which is my ideal career. I just want to thank you for everything. Your class really positively impacted me. I hope the best for you and your loved ones. Thank you for everything. Hopefully before I start college, I'll stop by and thank you in person.

"Viktoriya is one of the most brilliant, assiduous, and benevolent individuals that I have ever encountered. Her profound devotion to her students is evident by their immense academic and scholastic successes. She spent tireless hours helping me improve in my academic performance on standardized exams and I attribute a lot of my success to the lessons that she had taught me. I hope that more students are fortunate to be taught by such an amazing and dedicated person as she."

​​​Hi Viktoriya!  It's Daniela, one of your former SHSAT preparation class students. I would like to thank you so much for helping me! We received high school admission letters today, and I got into Stuyvesant with a score of 689! I couldn't have been able to do this without you, thank you so much! 

​Hello Viktoriya, I would like to thank you for the preparation and guidance that you provided in these past months. I was able to utilize the skills from passages and new vocabulary on this English regents, as I received a 100. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you this Thursday.  
Best Regards, 

Thank you so much for all your hard work.  I am so grateful that I learned so much English from you.  If it weren't for your teaching, the SHSAT would have never felt as easy as it did.

"I heard about Viktoriya from a friend of my mom's a year ago, and since then, August of 2008 up until now, November 2009, I managed to raise my SAT score from a 400 up to a 700 in each section. Viktoriya's lessons are direct and straightforward. She taught me how to be more responsible and take control of my life, both in and out of school. Now I am the top student of my class with a 99 average, thanks to Viktoriya's teachings and principles. Now, at thirteen years of age, I just took my SATs and am incredibly proud of myself. I knew every word on the test. Even my parents' friends want me to tutor their high school children, and I'm still in junior high school. Viktoriya is a stunning teacher and formidable person and a friend who was always there for me whenever I needed her. My English teacher is in love with my vocabulary and essays and always makes me read my stories and reports in front of the whole entire class. Thank you Viktoriya for everything you have done for me!" 

Jenny, 13 years old

The ExamIQ program is rigorous and challenging, which makes it incredibly successful. There is a large workload and the program requires all of the student’s commitment; however, the results will definitely be worth all of the studying. I have attended other SAT tutoring programs, but none were as beneficial as ExamIQ. Lesson plans are perfectly formatted to make full use of the two hours that each session lasts for. First, all of the grammar rules are learned, which are crucial for the critical writing section of the SAT. Then, the class moves on to practice tests, which are given in a fast-paced manner, preparing the students for the pressure of test day. Practice essays given for homework greatly enhance students’ colloquial and proper writing techniques. The constant learning of vocabulary words helps create a permanent word bank in the minds of the students, which serves them throughout their life.  During my time with ExamIQ, I noticed highly positive changes in my test-taking skills. I was trained to concentrate better and to pay greater attention to small details. Ultimately, my SAT scores reflected my improvement as I received a 690 in the critical reading section and a 790 in the writing. Although ExamIQ has a very demanding curriculum, this program prepares students to perform their absolute best on the SAT.


The SAT classes were strongly organized and extremely informative. I was very pleased by the rigid structure of the classes and the fact that assignments were divided into well sliced portions. Through Victoriya's method, the students were able to successfully master different parts of the SAT test, and improve their scores by relying on a strong foundation of material presented in classes. For example, instead of learning only techniques and tricks to solve grammar problems, one learned grammatical rules and structures that provided complete support and reliance. This foundation was not only important for answering grammar questions, but also allowed one to write intelligible and coherently organized essays, vital to the SAT test, school and everyday life. Throughout the course, I noted great improvements in both my Reading section and Grammar section, and after taking innumerable practice tests, I knew the SAT so well that I could finish the author’s questions and even write my own test if I wanted to. This change in my expectations and abilities could not have come from simply reading SAT books. The technique of an experienced teacher offered lucrative insights, which would otherwise remain lurking in the shadows, hidden by the distance barrier that separates the reader form the author of a textbook. Therefore, the test day was no surprise, nothing novel; on the contrary, it was merely one more practice test to earn the score you expected and deserved because of the incredible preparation you had gained before. 


When we first started the program, it was completely foreign to what we had known in the past.  It was common to use incorrect punctuation and grammar because that’s what we have known for so long.  Despite the rigorous approaches to our learning, you have always been patient with us.  You always took the time to listen to what we had to say or ask.  We now look back up to your teachings as an important part of the development of the people we are today.  You taught us that we could achieve more than what we or other people thought we were capable of.  It’s really hard to say bye to your diligent program, for we have grown so much for the past 1.5 years.  Thank you for everything you have done for us!
Lana & Daniel

Hi!  I think it’s all you! 
Got Dennis’s state test results 
His English went up from 3 to 4!!!!!

With an assiduous effort, I was able to enhance not only my SAT score, but also my knowledge. However, without Viktoriya’s perspicacious instruction, I would not have been able to commit myself to such a rigorous study schedule. With the plethora of vocabulary words, I am now able to write well. Viktoriya engendered me to be more ambitious with achieving my goals. Every week, as vocabulary words were assigned, I took them seriously and studied each word. The rigorous quizzes constrained me to memorize all of the vocabulary words Viktoriya had given. Now, my English teacher calls me the Oxford Dictionary because I am able to write with an advanced language. Also, Viktoriya’s utilitarian lessons were lucidly organized. My reading comprehension has significantly improved. I started out with low 400s on my SAT verbal and grammar section; however, with diligence and Viktoriya’s potent lessons, I augmented each section to a 700. The tools Viktoriya has given me can never be forgotten, since I utilize grammar skills and vocabulary words daily. Thank you for everything Viktoriya, but most importantly for being a unique instructor! 


"Viktoriya is an amazing instructor, as well as an astounding person. Her teaching approach is direct and successful. Each of her students, me included, has succeeded and benefited in magnanimous ways from her teachings, not only on standardized exams, but in life itself. She is an individual who is always there for her students, day or night. Whenever I experienced trouble, she would always point me in the right direction, bringing me closer toward achieving my goals. It is thanks to her that I managed to achieve acceptance into my dream school and have prospered academically every since. Her teaching style gives proven results and it would be a shame to miss out on this opportunity to be trained by the BEST!" With great admiration,


My parents’ and my goal was for me to get accepted to a good college and not have to pay much for it. I recently received my acceptance to the Macaulay Honors College, where my benefits include a fully covered tuition, a free laptop, and $7,500 for a study abroad grant. And I owe all it to the instructor. Her vigorous SAT program did not just prepare me for that exam, which it did to my utmost satisfaction, but it also helped me to become a more proficient reader and writer. After completion of her program, I can honestly state that I enjoy the English language, and am now considering a career pursuing this interest. With a writing score of 720 and a reading score of 690, I can assert that her program was more than worth the time spent studying. One warning I must issue is that it was not easy; I spent many hours studying, but if your objective is the same as mine was, forget the rest, and call ExamIQ! 


I am extremely happy because I was accepted into NYU with a scholarship and I'm still waiting to here back from financial aid. I'm going to the College of Arts and Sciences and I'm going to major in pre-med/Biochemistry. I just wanted to thank you because my SAT score really helped me with my admission and that is definitely thanks to you. I still use my SAT words every day, lol. Thanks for everything!


Hi Vika,
Today, I got my SAT score back as a 2180 , but that's with math. My reading score was a 770 and my writing a 790. I scored a 10 out of 12 on my essay, so if it had been perfect I would’ve gotten an 800. I want to thank you so much for helping me and without the tutoring you provided, I would have never gotten such high scores. However rigorous the program is, it is beneficial and I thank you for it!
Nicole K

Hi Viktoriya! I got my high school results back today and I got a 528 on my shsat and got into Staten Island Tech! I also got into Goldstein for non-specialized. Thank you for tutoring me! You have helped me a lot with your rigorous program and I'm sure that I would not have passed without Exam IQ. Thank you,

Viktoriya, I just wanted to thank you for all the opportunities you've given me this past year. Scoring above a 2000 seemed way out of my league back in September; however, through your amazing teaching skills I've been able to not only reach but also surpass my goals. You have not only helped me raise my score with the SAT, but you have also simultaneously helped me improve my writing, and my scores in AP English and AP US History reflect this evident fact. I can not thank you enough for the opportunities you've offered me with community service and a job when I was working for you. I wish you the best and will definitely refer friends and family to your tutoring program.
Have a great summer!
Your student,

A teacher like Viktoriya is very tough and astute. She teaches her children grammar rules and how to write an essay. Furthermore, she gives children impenetrable tests almost every day. The vocabulary Victoria gives is very helpful in school and in the social world as well. After the lesson, all children leave her lessons with a depth of astounding knowledge in grammar. She holds all children under a tight fist; therefore; all diligent children get loads of obliging information that they can use in their prospective futures. Victoria is the best teacher an individual could think of.

Julia, 7th grade

When I first started Viktoriya's classes I was honestly intimidated, not only by the vast expanse of work before me, but also by the sheer presence that Viktoriya commanded when teaching a topic or talking to my parents. Although I was utterly terrified every time I walked into the classroom, I was highly motivated to reach my target scores and improve my overall test taking experience. I started off with no confidence in my abilities, and was averaging in the low 600's for both writing and reading; however, I managed to get a 750 on the reading section and a 790 on my writing section, with a an overall score of 2310. Thank you Viktoriya for all of your help!


I started my SAT averaging around a 1700-1800. I went to Viktoriya for Saturday lessons for an hour and half weekly. The lessons provided me with all the information I needed. The sessions came with a grammar manual which covered all the possible grammar rules the SAT would cover and which furthermore allowed me to practice and perfect the grammar rules. The vocabulary Viktoriya provided also covered all the vocabulary that may have potentially showed up on the test. The classes were comprehensive and kept me on track with my studying. Essays were taught thoroughly and assigned for homework weekly, each time returned with feedback and room for improvement. Viktoriya taught the reading passages with a specific strategy that helped me answer reading comprehension questions more efficiently. The class not only provided essential strategies and information but also gave plenty of practice with some exclusive practice and real tests that really gave one the opportunity to excel. I had weekly progress in Viktoriya’s class and when I felt prepared to take the test received a 2300 on my first try. I would recommend this class for anyone looking to score highly on the SAT, it is very beneficial for anyone with the proper motivation.

From my experience at Victoria’s tutoring, I can say that every minute of it was productive. She was able to not only push me to higher standards, but make me exceed those standards. I am now able to read more in-depth and understand what I’m reading. This experience tremendously changed how I learn in school and how I study. In addition, I am now able to set goals for myself in order to achieve the highest point in my education. I was so glad I was able to find a tutor that was able to aid me on reading comprehension. I learned things that I’ve never learned before and beyond. I’m totally grateful for Victoria and her staff to help me achieve greater results.

Dear Victoria, from the bottom of our hearts we want to express our gratitude for giving our daughter such an amazing skill of writing and being a big part of her achievements this year as well as last year! From perfect scores on 4th grade State tests to being accepted to the strongest Scholars program on the island (for out of zone)- we can't be more thrilled and grateful for our shining star! Your hard diligent work with your students, perseverance, tough but caring approach, constant reminders to strive harder and giving a stoic attitude to any failed quizzes :) all paid off Big Time! Thank you so much for everything, you'll have us until Harvard acceptance! 🤣🤣 [😍] [😍]

Hi Viktorya I just wanted to thank you for all of your help I got my SAT results back and I got a 1550 with a 760 on the English section.

When I first started Viktoriya’s lessons, I was very intimidated by the number of grammar rules and reading comprehension skills I was expected to learn. However, as time progressed I began to look at her lessons as more of a chance for me to enhance my writing skills, rather than a class that I sit through for an hour and a half until going home. The methods and techniques she taught me not only contributed to my 770 on the SAT English Section but also led to the dramatic improvement of my essays. My essays are far more coherent than those of others in my classes, and my teachers are impressed by my advanced vocabulary and proper use of grammar. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to increase their English SAT score as long as they are willing to work diligently and have a desire to improve their abilities. Viktoriya’s classes not only prepare you for the SAT but also provide you with an advantage in any job environment or advanced  English classes because they introduce you to skills that will remain relevant for years to come. 

When I first took my SAT in December and received a score of 1260, I didn’t think I was capable of improving it by much. I was not very confident and I felt defeated. When my friend referred me to Viktoriya I decided to go for it- what did I have to lose? I loved learning all of the grammar rules: Viktoriya made them fun and interesting. My confidence slowly went back up. However, once we started doing practice SAT practice exams and the tutoring sessions grew more intense, I found myself feeling overwhelmed. I wasn’t doing as well as other kids were, but Viktoriya kept reminding me that improvement is not drastic. I simply had to keep trying. When I took my SAT in March and received a score of 1470 with zero mistakes on grammar, I was so proud of myself. Viktoriya didn’t just help me improve my SAT score, but she taught me that I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to. I studied every single day, and I didn’t think it would pay off. It did, and now I feel so much more confident about myself for the next (and last) time I take the SAT. Thank you so much Viktoriya!  

In the beginning of this class, I was always so nervous to enter. However, I always tried my best to get here earlier to study. I just want to acknowledge how vehement Viktoriya is about teaching all her students. She knows how to bring out the best in us and make us strive for the best. In this class, I never settled for the best I kept trying to improve. Furthermore, in the class, I learned all the grammar rules and how to write a college worthy essay. Consequently, I have had a 100 average in ELA for every marking period. I would just like to let every new student know that all the assiduous studying you will have to do, will pay off, whether you think so or not. I just would like to say a big thank you to Viktoriya and good luck to all the new students. 
Talia Kruzhkov, grade 8



ExamIQ was an extraordinarily helpful resource for me in preparation for the SHSAT. Not only did Viktoriya focus on grammar and reading comprehension lessons and practice tests, she was a huge help in improving my writing. Before taking her SHSAT class, I wasn’t able to write as remotely well as I do now. Though her course is challenging and requires a lot of dedication, it’s a valuable learning experience. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to get accepted to Brooklyn Tech with a score enough for Stuyvesant, Xaverian High School with a full scholarship, and achieve a perfect score on my NEST+M and Beacon admissions essays. I am forever grateful for Viktoriya’s help. Thank you!


Exam IQ is a very good tutoring service. A lot of homework, hard work and Victoria's efforts lead us to get to Stuyvesant high school. So happy and highly recommend.


Three years ago, I took Viktoriya’s SAT class during my junior year of high school, and I admit that I was completely terrified when she explained the requirements and expectations. The intense and time-consuming classwork seemed very inconvenient to me at the time. I didn’t want to take a demanding SAT class while I still had to focus on my schoolwork and extracurricular activities. However, I decided to give it a try, and that aforementioned fear motivated me to excel in Viktoriya’s class and prove to her that I could meet her requirements. All the materials and skills that she taught proved to be extremely pivotal and beneficial in all aspects of my life, not just in school. Before her class, I remember my explanations for answering grammar questions would be that it just sounded correct; however, after completing her course, I was finally able to explain my choices by stating the actual rule that applied to that question. It was gratifying to know that I actually understood these basic grammar rules. Not only did Viktoriya’s class improve my understanding of grammar, but also it honed my writing and reading comprehension skills so much so that many of my friends ask me to revise their essays and emails. Her course is not considered easy in any way though. Students need to dedicate an abundance of time and effort to the work, but the benefits and skills acquired are definitely worth it. Because of Viktoriya, I am extremely confident in my English skills and  especially grateful for all she has taught me.


Dear Viktoriya,
Last year Alsu would have never imagined that someday, she would be writing a thank you letter for her tutor. Stepping into your class for the first time, I had a surge of emotions such as worry, nervousness, and most of all anxiety. I would gather up my flashcards with me to school, lunch, home, and pretty much everywhere I went. I was so scared to fail your quizzes, so I tried my best to learn all the material every day. Overall, what I want to say is that I always tried to come to your class and learn to my full potential. You have made me progress so much not just as a student, but as a person. All the way from writing my quiz mistakes two hundred times and to joining Zoom classes, your classes and just strict personality has made me learn that hard work is not served on a golden platter. It has to be achieved through hard work and lots of perseverance. I want to thank you so much for everything. I want to thank you for all the support, patience, and even punishments that you have given me throughout this past year. Looking back, I now realize that you only punished us because you wished us the better. If I pass the SHSAT, it will all be due to you. In today’s class, you told us, “Freak out about something you can change, not something that is out of your control,” which stood out to me a lot. As soon as you said those words, I quickly wrote them down on a post-it so that it wouldn’t escape my mind. I think that this quote, as well as many others said by you, will stick with me forever. Last but not least, I would want to thank you for being the best tutor one could ever have. Thank you, Viktoriya.


When I first started taking lessons at ExamIQ I was extremely overwhelmed, not only by the immense amount of work that she gave the class but also with how she taught her classes. Viktoriya was very clear with what she wanted out of us and didn't take any excuses. Although it may have seemed that she had made our lives miserable, she actually had made this tutoring center an unforgettable experience that I would never regret. Despite the fact that I was petrified every time I entered the classroom, I was still excited to learn everything Viktoriya had to offer. I came to lessons more motivated to be at the top of the class every weekend. Thank you Viktoriya for all your wonderful help! 


In the beginning of this class, I was always so nervous to enter. However, I always tried my best to get here earlier to study. I just want to acknowledge how vehement Victoriya is about teaching all her students. She knows how to bring out the best in us and make us strive for the best. In this class, I never settled for the best I kept trying to improve. Furthermore, in the class, I learned all the grammar rules and how to write a college worthy essay. Consequently, I have had a 100 average in ELA for every marking period. I would just like to let every new student know that all the assiduous studying you will have to do, will pay off, whether you think so or not. I just would like to say a big thank you to Victoriya and good luck to all the new students. 


Good afternoon Viktoriya. 
First of all I can not thank you enough for teaching my child this whole year. Investing your energy and knowledge and taking it so personally with her education. No matter how things will turn around in march, my child most importantly learned how to write, learned how to think and  improved her knowledge of new vocabulary exponentially. 
Writing and proper grammar are such an important skills which will always be there for her now. She honestly can't wait to join your SAT class. She says she missed you so much already.  [😊]
Until then we will wait for March anxiously but patiently 


Only years later did I realize how Viktoriya's SAT & English courses had immensely impacted my success in school, admissions exams, my career and beyond. After testing many of the tutoring options available, I found ExamIQ to be the only school to do exactly as advertised: prepare me for the SHSAT (and later the SAT) to the point of complete proficiency. Graduating from S.I. Tech and moving to college, I found the greatest benefit of her classes to be an in-depth, life-long understanding of English grammar, syntax, writing and reading which helped me to achieve top marks while pursing International Relations and Law degrees. Working at a top global law firm, I have repeatedly earned distinction for my strong writing and comprehension abilities for which I continue to employ Viktoriya’s lessons and rules. I would even go so far as to say that the knowledge I gained at ExamIQ influenced my decision to pursue a career so heavily reliant on these skills.

Over ten years later, Viktoriya is still the first person who comes to mind when I need guidance on an important piece of writing, while family friends continue to praise their experiences with her school. To be clear, her courses are specifically designed for those willing to dedicate time and serious effort to dramatically improving not just their exam scores or academics, but also overall mastery of a subject. Her program is not for just anyone, and those who are not ready to actually learn should not waste their own time or Viktoriya’s; she won’t tolerate that anyway. Those who are ready to be intellectually challenged will gain life-long skills, benefit greatly from the courses and experience one of the best educators they’ve had. The impressive accomplishments of her former students over the years continue to clearly demonstrate this.

Hello Viktoriya,
I just took the test and for the verbal portion I feel quite confident. I had to make an educated guess for three questions on the passages, but in grammar there was only one question that baffled me, which I figured out later on. All the passages were easy to comprehend and three of them were on science. In the grammar two questions were on tone, and surprisingly they were not the question I got stuck on. The essay was ok too. I choose the literary elements logos,  quotations, and stylistic elements. I think I should get a good score for the verbal section. 
I would like to thank you for pulling me through for so long, and teaching me all the English I know today. If it weren't for you I would not have any chance of getting a good score. So thank you very much. 

Hello Viktoriya, I would like to thank you for all the support and knowledge you have given me over the past year. I know without you I wouldn’t have been able to improve my reading, grammar, and writing skills. I know no other tutor could’ve given me as much knowledge as you have. I know that I have often not been an easy student to work with, but I thank you that you didn’t give up on me and always push me to do my best. I am so lucky and grateful to have you as a tutor. I don’t know what I would have done without you. Thank you once again. I wish you all the best. Can’t wait for SAT!!!


Good evening Viktoriya,
First off, I want to thank you for being an amazing tutor this past year and half. I remember being scared to come to your classes, but now I’m sad that they are ending. Also, I remember failing quiz after quiz and I stopped believing in myself, but you believed in me. Right after starting your course, I was supposed to do an essay for school. My teacher read it and was surprised on how advanced it was. I know I wouldn’t be at this level if it weren’t for you. Now, I’m about to take the test and I feel confident in the English portion of the test. Thank you for everything you have done, and I can’t wait to see you in the SAT classes!


Hi Viktoriya,
I hope you still remember Julia and Kathleen. I just want to let you know that both girls are accepted by Stuyvesant high school. Julia got 604 in her SHSAT, and Kathleen got 614. 
Julia also took SAT in March (for CTY camp) and she got 1420, with 720 in English and 700 for math.
We are happy about the results and want to thank you for the prep classes. Julia said she benefits a lot from it.
Thank you! 

Dear Viktoriya, 
I know we haven't spoken in a while, but I would just like to say thank you so much for everything that you taught me. With all of your help, I was able to not only score highly on the SAT but also improve my writing skills for my college applications. I just finished applying, and I couldn't have written any of my essays without all of your grammar rules and essay-writing strategies. As I begin the next chapter of my life, I will always remember what Exam IQ has given me, especially the flashcard method and the best way to write a thesis. It's very hard to believe, that not too long ago I just started my first class with you, and now I can take your guidance and use it in my goal of becoming a pediatrician. I know that I probably didn't use correct comma rules and my vocabulary wasn't up to par, but I still appreciate everything you have done for me and hopefully still stay in contact with you. Have holidays! 
Caroline Gerber

While I attended Viktoriya's SAT classes nearly ten years ago, the skills I learned remain useful in my career and graduate studies to this day. Entering my final year of law school, I can say from personal experience that proper grammar and skillful writing is important to life beyond the SAT. In the short term, taking Viktoriya's classes improved my SAT scores and helped me get accepted to the Macaulay Honors Program at Hunter College. I was able to graduate debt free and had an upper hand in writing my personal statement for law school and preparing for the LSAT exam. Viktoriya's course strengthened my reading comprehension and writing skills, and tremendously increased my vocabulary. Upon completing the course and scoring well on the SAT, Viktoriya gave me my first job as a teaching assistant. Thanks to Viktoriya's lessons and encouragement I have remained proficient in grammar and have excelled in legal writing. Viktoriya's curriculum is applicable to scholarly journal writing and has helped with my assignments at work. This year I am happy to say my younger brother will also be starting lessons with Viktoriya and I would recommend her class to anyone looking to score well on the SAT or to improve their writing in general! 

Hello, Viktoriya.  I want to thank you for your dedication to your students.  Talia took a test on Saturday.   She said she felt comfortable with English part only because of you. Again, thank you for the way you are and they way you teach our kids!

We would love to express our deepest gratitude to Viktoria Furina for preparing my 4th grader (at the time) for ELA and Math state tests! With the test results having been released today, we were ecstatic about our child getting into the Top 25%  and receiving high 4's on both subjects. Viktoria, no matter how strict and demanding of an approach you may (at times ;)) have towards your students, the results speak for themselves! You go above and beyond to make sure that your students work their hardest, excel, strive, aspire, persevere and reach for the stars! We are so thankful to you, happy and hopeful for an admission to our choice of middle school. As we continue our classes with you, our expectations and hopes continue to be the strongest! Sincerely, 
Marina and Mike.

​I remember telling my parents I wanted to take the SHSAT. Even though my parents weren’t fond of the idea of me attending a specialized high school, they agreed to find me a tutor. After reading many reviews, they found information about EXAM IQ. After hearing what Viktoriya’s former and past students had to say about her, I was very intimidated. The first day I had Viktoriya, I was scared beyond words. From that day on, I tried my best to never make a mistake because Viktoriya wouldn’t be happy when I made them. After 3 long months of one on one tutoring, I was finally put into the groups. I was excited, but my attitude quickly changed after I got my quiz back. I had to make 800 corrections. When I got home, I had a meltdown and it came to the point where I was seriously thinking about quitting. However, I decided to stay because I already devoted so much time and effort into this goal of mine. I’m not lying when I say that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. From that day on, I began to notice how much Viktoriya shaped me. Every class I saw an improvement in my work. Furthermore, Viktoriya’s class has taught me many valuable lessons that I will surely take with me to high school. I’m so thankful for all the vocabulary, quiz correction, and rigorous homework Viktoriya gave me because without them and her unique teaching methods, I would never have gotten to this point. I just took the SHSAT and I felt comfortable answering the questions because Viktoriya prepared me well for this test. Thank you for everything Viktoriya, I really appreciate your invaluable tutoring.

ExamIQ, though rigorous, is a rewarding program. It benefited not only my educational level, but my study habits, as well. I know that without your help I would not have the confidence that I had when I left the SHSAT testing room . Thanks to ExamIQ I am going to Staten Island Tech HS next year. I will definitely return to the program for any future tests.
Thank you
Dea, 8th grade

Viktoriya I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me. With a diligent effort, I was able to enhance not only my SAT score, but also my English. I'm so grateful for learning much English from you. I started our low 300s on my SAT verbal and grammar section; however, with your diligent lessons, I augmented each section to a 600. As an international student, I'm the first one to receive 1830 on SAT in my entire school. If it weren't for your teaching, I would have never gotten such high scores. Also, Thank you for accepting me into such a perspicacious program called "Women in Science". I'm so happy that this summer I will be continuing to enhance my knowledge through ExamIQ.​                                              


Hey Viktoriya. I wanted to say thank you for preparing me for the SHSAT because i got into Styvesant with a score of 602. THANK YOU!

Hi Victoria, I want to Thank You for helping Becky with Her SAT prep and throughout the Years . She got 800 on her writing section and 740 on reading . Overall score she received this time is 2270 and she is very happy. As Becky says You are very special teacher and the only one who really helped her throughout her school years with every single test she took starting in elementary school. I want to wish You and Your family a very Happy New Year! Lots of health and happiness !


Dear Viktoriya,
I just completed the SHSAT.  Although the verbal section was never the easiest for me, I feel like I did really well today. The scrambled paragraphs weren't as hard as yours; the logic was ok; the reading comprehension wasn't as boring as I had expected, and I was really confident about this part of the exam.  On top of everything, I encountered so many vocabulary words that you had taught me over the past two years.  That's when i realized that I should be grateful for having someone as talented as you teaching me.  Thank you so much for teaching me everything I know.  If it weren't for you, I would've never been able to take this exam with so much confidence instead of fear or stress.
Respectfully yours,

Dear Viktoriya,
You have been a great impact on me and taught me a lot.  In fact, you have played a large role in my acceptance to Brooklyn Tech with a score of 594.  Although my score was high enough for Staten Island Tech and Stuyvesant, I chose to put Brooklyn Tech as my first chose. All the dedication you put into your work helped me excel in my English class, as well as the PSAT and SHSAT. In fact, i don't know what i would do if you weren't my tutor.   Thank you so much for teaching me everything i know.

​Hello Viktoriya, 
This is Anne, I recently came out of the SHSAT test. I felt that I was prepared for the test very well. I finished the verbal section 10 minutes earlier than the time I was given, and after finishing the math part I was able to go back to the verbal. There was no problem with timing, and I had all the necessary links for all of the passages. The scrambled paragraphs were easier than the ones that you prepared us with.  Overall I feel confident with my answers. I just want to thank you for all that you have done to help me and without your help I most likely wouldn't have been as confident in myself as I am now.  
Thank you,