12. Contributed by Esther

Histoplasmosis is a fungus disease found in bird and bat droppings.

Q.      However, most people who are exposed to the fungus do not develop the disease.

R.      The disease is most severe in people with reduced immune function.

S.      The infection results from inhaling airborne spores of the fungus.

T.       There is no vaccine available for this disease, but the symptoms
are really easy to spot; they are similar to pneumonia symptoms.

U.       Mild cases of histoplasmosis do not require specific treatment, and
more severe or disseminated infections require antifungal medications.

7.            Sleeping is one of the most pivotal aspects of our lives, but happens to be most neglected.

Q.           Teenagers tend to want more social interaction that is often
achieved through communication devices, which make the teens stay up
until beyond midnight, simply to have the pleasure of wasting time.

R.           Any human being needs to have at least nine hours of sleep; some
people don't always need the exact amount of nine hours and are
satisfied with less or more than that number.

S.           However, not all people respect sleep as a necessary part of our lives.

T.            While some people simply can't receive enough sleep because of
their occupations, which could interfere with sleeping habits, most
of the people lacking sleep are adolescents.

U.           During sleep, our brain manages to organize our thoughts, memories,
and happenings of the previous day, and our body has a period of
respite and re-energizing for the next day.

​11. ​Contributed by Esther

Children, especially in America, have the problem of obesity.

Q.       In the diet of a healthy person, saturated fat and cholesterol
should be kept at a caution rate, because these are some of the main
factors of the cause of obesity.

R.      It is important to be very meticulous about what you eat.

S.      Most children in America are obese due to lack of exercise and a
malnourished diet.

T.      In fact, America has the highest population of obese people.

U.      If a child doesn't eat properly and exercise, then he has a higher
chance of becoming obese, and they really better be safe than sorry.

6.      Music is a big factor for some people in the world today.

Q.      After centuries of advancements in technology, humans took over the world and started to make music out of instruments like guitar and piano.

R.     The cave men first used to make music with their bodies.

S.     Then as their knowledge advanced they used tools like rocks and stones to make music.

T.      Later humans used electric devices like DJ sets to make music.

U.      Many may not know that music dates back all the way to the cave man time.

V.      Today, music is a big factor for all people around the world and is advancing every day.

5.      Prior to the play and musical powerhouse, Broadway, Thomas Kean and Walter Murray constructed a theater company that welcomed two-hundred-eighty residents.

Q.      The expanding success of Broadway has intrigued the Hollywood film industry to transform plays and musicals into movies. 

R.      However during the circulating plans of New York City in 1811, architects initiated the execution of a colossal building, introducing the entertainment at the theaters of Broadway.

S.      Designing further roads was designated around the concept of the heart of New York’s bright emotion.

T.      However, the forty theaters was a leading retail sector because retail venues attracted wealthy sponsors.

U.      Following the Second World War, the Tony Awards were introduced to establish competition and inherit a broader audience. 

4.            The “Great and General Court of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England’’ approved establishment of the first college in the American colonies, Harvard University, during 1636.

Q.       John Harvard, a graduate of Cambridge University in England, donated a library of four-hundred books and half of his will to the college.

R.       Harvard College educated American Presidents, including President Barak Obama, George W. Bush, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy.

S.       Therefore, originally titled Cambrige College, the Great and General Court recognized the generosity of John Harvard and renamed the college: Harvard College.

T.       The Ivy League research hospital accepted only 5.9-precent of applicants during two-thousand fourteen.

U.       The prestigious university of twenty-one-thousand students continues to thrive to endure academic achievement for nearly three-hundred-seventy-nine years.

3.            Scientists are constantly attempting to transform the accustomed term, ‘’starfish,’’ to ‘’sea star’’ because, despite the common animal’s misleading name, the starfish are not fish, but echinoderm.

Q.       Moreover, the sea stars wear specific colors to camouflage and ward off potential threats.

R.       The sea animal’s bony skin protects the star fish from its predators.

S.      The procedure is possible because the star fish shelter nearly all of their pivotal organs in their arms.

T.       Additionally, sea stars have the amazing ability to regenerate limbs and even bodies.

U.      The fascinating marine animal consists of more than two-thousand thriving species.ighteen -hundreds, although being captured twice by enemy armies, Paris rapidly expanded. 

2.            Thriving as a fishing village, the capital of France, Paris, once known as Lutetia Parisiorum, was conquered by Julius Cesar in 52 B.C.

Q.       Concerning the enforcement of the Third Republic, Paris transformed into the astonishing industrial and transportation circuit it is today.

R.       When the Renaissance influenced Paris during the sixteenth century, Louis XIV transitioned his court to Versailles, profiting Paris’s industry.

S.       During the early development of the city of love, Paris was threatened by ominous Barbarian and Norman invasions, often intimidating inhabitants.

T.        France’s greatest cultural advances were initiated during the seventeenth and eighteenth century, where philosophers of the Enlightenment established influential plays and music.

U.      Beneath the rule of Napoleon during the early eighteen -hundreds, although being captured twice by enemy armies, Paris rapidly expanded. 

1.            Child prodigy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart created influential symphonies, operas, string quartets and piano music during the Classical Era.

Q.       Wolfgang Mozart’s death was determined to be the effect of severe fever following consistent travel beneath cold weather.

R.       Mozart was instructed the ideals of playing the piano and violin; furthermore, Mozart efficiently developed musical talent and composed original works at nearly five years of age.

S.       During the year of Mozart’s birth, Wolfgang’s father, Leopold Mozart, published a textbook to acknowledge the fundamentals of orchestrating on the violin.

T.       Seeing the potential of a sufficient income, Leopold established Wolfgang Amadeus in a showcase among courts in Europe.

U.       Later initiating a European tour, Mozart composed masterpieces based on influential musicians and instruments, including Benjamin Franklin’s glass harmonica. 

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19. Contributed by Isabele

Albert Einstein, a German-born physicist, is considered the most influential physicist of the 20th century.

Q.      Moreover, he won Noble Prize for physicist for explaining the photoelectric effect in 1921.

R.      Albert died on April 18, 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey.

S.      Since the day of birth, Albert had an ardor for inquiry that led him to develop theories of relativity.

T.      Would scientists know all the information they know about physics if Albert Einstein had not found out first?

U.      He was born on March 14,1879 in Ulm, Württemburg, Germany.

15. Contributed by Lana

The Eiffel Tower, a sculpture recognizing the victories of the French, once had a skeptical view from society.

Q.      In 1889, Paris hosted a World's Fair to mark the 100-year anniversary of the French Revolution.

R.      After winning the contest, Eiffel constructed his building in Paris, that includes almost eighteen thousand pieces of iron.

S.      More than one hundred artists submitted competing plans for this year's anniversary.

T.      Today, the Eiffel Tower, which continues to serve an important role in the different medias, attracts more visitors than any other tourist attraction in the world.

U.      One contestant, Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel, built an “A” shaped tower, also known as the Eiffel Tower.

10. ​Contributed by Esther

Exercise is a key factor to having a healthy body mass and weight.

Q.      Vigorously exercising is when the child's heart rate exceeds to a
normal level for running or vigorously exercising, making the child
perspire and lose calories and weight.

R.      Most of these people were diagnosed due to lack of exercising, so
children should exercise as much as possible for it is pivotal to keep
their health at its best level.

S.      Most children in America are not exercising daily or according to
the healthy time that they should, increasing their chance of getting
cancer, diabetes, or other diseases triggered by obesity.

T.      It is estimated that about 2.1 million children and adults have
been diagnosed with diabetes in the year 2012.

U.      Schools suggest that a child gets 1 hour a day outside and at least
half an hour three times a week vigorously exercising.

16. Contributed by Lana

American philanthropist and manufacturer, Milton Hershey, founded the Hershey Chocolate Company and popularized chocolate treats throughout most of the world.

Q.      Today, Hershey’s chocolates are enjoyed by people all over the world, while Hershey’s story is influential to others.

R.      However, the west did not give Hershey an opportunity of business, so he moved back to Lancaster with more hope of a successful metier in the future.

S.       Starting as an entrepreneur at an early age, Hershey moved west to start a career in this industry, and founded the mixture of caramel along the way.

T.       Convinced he could build a triumphant company, Hershey created the Lancaster Caramel Company.

U.     After the company was a victorious run, Hershey was interested in other types of chocolate; therefore, Hershey combined his two curiosities and made what today is  known as the Hershey Company.


17. Contributed by Lana

At the end of the 16th Century, Shah Abbas, the fifth ruler of Persia, was both an innovator and an assiduous monarch.

     In 17th Century Europe, these new shoes had no utility value whatsoever, but as time moved on people were wondering about the shoes.

R.      After the years passed by, more people had started to become engrossed in the shoes.

S.      He was keen to create links with rulers in Europe to help him defeat the Ottoman Empire.

T.      As the wearing of heels filtered into the lower ranks of society, the high heeled shoes were an innovation to all.

U.      A wave of interest in all things Persian passed through Western Europe and high heeled shoes were enthusiastically adopted by people.

18. ​Contributed by Isabele

An American motion-picture, television producer, and showman Walt Disney was illustrious for cartoon films, and creating Disneyland.

Q.       Walt Disney, or Walter Elias Disney, was one of the five children in his family.

R.       He was born on December 5,1901 in Chicago Illinois.

S.       Additionally, his brother Roy was the co-founder of Walt Disney Productions.

T.       Together they created one of the best-known motion-picture production companies in the world.

U.      He died on December 15,1966, but he won 22 Academy Awards during his enthralling lifetime.


20. Contributed by Shayna 

Attention, a momentous concept, is necessary and significant when a scholar is attending school and trying to achieve a specific goal in life.

Q.    Moreover, the increase of hours on a school day may cause fatigue and attention
deficits to most individuals.

R.    Once students start to feel fatigue, the rest of the school day inadvertently becomes
useless; due to the fact, that the child won’t remember most of the information
recited to him.

S.    Not only does the child not gain any fresh data, but he may start to distract others
in the room, once the lackluster class is halfway done.

T.    These exhausted learners turn into mummies with backpacks by their side.

U.   Overall, longer school days may teach kids new information; however, there are
great possibilities that the child will get disinterested expeditiously throughout the

9.       Horses have a long history with and without mankind.

Q.      From these pitiful creatures evolved the majestic and strong horse,
which lived in the wild untamed, yet, by the humankind.

R.      The ancestors of horses were physically less able than horses
today, for they were very small, about the size of a dog, and had less
strength and endurance.

S.      People began taking advantage of the creatures since horses
traveled in large herds and were often lacking food; therefore, humans
began capture and domesticate these wild and free animals.

T.      There were many influences and benefits from the horses because they
gave humans another hand in agriculture by plowing fields, another
manner of transportation and warfare, a way to entertain themselves
with races and sports, but most importantly a friend.

U.      Horses were being bred by people, and soon a variety of different
horses fit for all sorts of work were created.

13. Contributed by Esther

Bipolar disorder, formerly called manic depression, is a mental
illness that involves the sufferer having at least one manic (overly
excited or irritable mood) or nearly manic episode.

Q.      The mood swings of this condition can last for weeks at a time and
cause significant work and relationship problems.

R.      The depressive symptoms that may be experienced in bipolar disorder
are those of any major depressive episode.

S.      This illness affects up to 5% of adults in the United States,
afflicting men and women equally.

T.      Bipolar depression can result in sufferers wanting, planning, or
attempting to kill themselves or someone else.

U.     These include sadness, irritability, hopelessness, and an increase
or decrease in appetite, weight, or sleep.

14. Contributed by Esther

Many people with bipolar disorder have mixed features associated with
their mood swings.

Q.      Decreases in the activity of different parts of the brain have been
observed when individuals with bipolar disorder are having depressive
or manic episodes.

R.      This involves experiencing symptoms of depression during manic or
hypomanic episodes.

S.      The symptoms of bipolar disorder can interfere with a person's
ability to work, achieve in school, and maintain relationships.

T.       While no single cause of bipolar disorder has been identified,
there are a number of factors that contribute to the development of
this illness.

U.      Life stressors such as abuse may also trigger the onset of bipolar disorder.

8.          Playing piano is a task that augments brain activity and small muscle work.

Q.         While a pianist might seem calm and steady while performing their
brain is going up in fireworks, connecting math, listening, moving and
even emotions in the pianist’s mind, making the brain work without
respite, but with voracious gusto to execute the musical piece with
gusto and effervescence.

R.          A person can improve finger muscle memory and strength, for one's
fingers have to learn a piece so that they can play the music without
the notes in front of them.

S.           All of these enhancements happen because our brain is greatly
associated with playing the piano.

T.            Chords, a group of two or more notes played together at the same
time in the piano, and other exercises help make the finger muscles
stronger, enhancing technique and sound whilst playing the piano.

U.           While playing the piano, a person develops patience and improves
memory competence since learning complex pieces takes time and a
strong grasp on impatience.