·      Soccer, football, basketball,             handball, badminton,                       and other outdoor sports

·      Arts & crafts and art classes

·      Outdoor and indoor games                      and contests

·      1.5
hours of English classes              daily

·      1.5 hours of math classes daily

·      Science classes and                          experiments 3 times/week

·      Chess lessons and contests

·      Cooking and baking lessons

·      Educational field trips 

Acting and improvisation                   classes

·      Complete all of the summer             projects assigned at school

·      Theme parties, fashion show,           dance, zumba

·      Breakfast, lunch, snacks

·      Hours: 8am-5pm


Program Cost

Enjoy the summer, while improving your scholastic, athletic, and culinary abilities

Program Activities

​Success Summer

Enrichment Program

Full Summer             Monthly             Weekly

$2,700                        $1,500                $475

July 8th – August 30th