Arts & crafts 

·     G
ames and contests

English classes daily

·      Math classes daily

·      Science classes and experiments

·      Chess 

·      Cooking and baking 

Social studies, economics, and finance discussions

·      Complete all school summer projects                    

·      Dance, Zumba

·      Graphic design, coding, music, and more

·      Business model design course, with a presentation by each student

·      Photography

·      Bounce house, laser tag and other 

       recreational activities

·      Outdoor sports and games (supervised by a counselor for every 3 kids)

·      Small program, with only up to 20 kids

·      Theme days, including a day of beauty, business presentation day, celebration of academic success day, a day with an actress, and more


Enjoy the summer, while improving your scholastic, athletic, and culinary skills

2024 Program duration:  July 3th – August 14th

Program Activities

​Success Summer

Enrichment Program of 2024