Our goal is simple: to advance students' exam acumen and achieve academic excellence.

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Scrambled Paragraphs

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ELA Practice for the new SHSAT Exam

ELA Practice for the new 2018-2019 SHSAT Exam

ExamIQ is designed to help students in grades one through twelve excel at taking standardized tests. The school is founded on the belief that academic excellence can be achieved through building a solid foundation of knowledge.

  • SAT - English and Math
  • SHSAT - English and Math
  • MCAT
  • Biology Regents, AP, and college classes
  • Chemistry Regents, AP, and college classes
  • Physics Regents, AP, and college classes
  • Math Regents, Calculus, and college classes
  • Homework Help
  • SAT/ACT Summer Program
  • ​Summer Enrichment Program for grades K-8
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Essay Writing  
  • ​Grammar

Popular Programs

Since the founding of ExamIQ, the learning center has helped thousands of students fulfill their potential. Viktoriya, at ExamIQ, has developed a unique approach to teaching for the language section of standardized tests.  In the course of four months, students learn all elements of grammar, writing skills, and reading comprehension skills.

With enhanced writing and reading comprehension skills, students improve not only their SAT and SHSAT test scores, but also their creative writing and social sciences class scores. Many students improve 100% on practice exams and most of her junior high school students are admitted to specialized high schools. All students benefit from the course, often improving from the 30th to 50th percentiles to the 80th and 90th percentiles, with many scoring the perfect 800 on each of the SAT sections.  A majority of Viktoriya's students graduate to study at Ivy League universities and honors programs in other colleges.